Muay Thai Boxing Analgesic Cream Pain Relief

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Boxing Liniment Cream x Buakaw portrait on the box (Online exclusive) is used to apply or massage the area to relieve muscles before the boxing, both for practice and competition. It can be used with other types of exercise as well, the cream is not too viscous. It can be rubbed and massage for 2 – 5 minutes to warm up muscles before exercise or sports. The cream absorbed into the skin quickly and not sticky.
Boxing Liniment has been widely accepted by many users in the field of sports. The company has been continuously improving and developing products over the years to provide the best product.

How to use: How to use: Apply massage oil to the affected area or at the muscular area to warm up muscles before exercise or sports.
Weight 100 grams

Note - this product is to be shipped only in Thailand, as other countries custom policy might not permit cream import.