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Trainer Gae (Arjan Gae Sor KeawSuek) "If you want to become a champion, you need to train like one"

trainer gae

Legendary Trainer Gae doesn’t need any introduction – he is so famous worldwide for being one of the hardest trainers who always pushes his fighter to the peak. Gae is famous for holding Muay Thai seminars around the world and he quickly became on of the biggest inspiration among Muay Thai lovers

Trainer Gae specializes in training fighters who are preparing for a fight. Every fighter would agree that his pads work is absolutely insane and super intense.

Legendary fighter Superbon chose to work with Trainer Gae to prepare for his fight in ONE CHAMPIONSHIP against Sittichai. Suberbon won this fight. Arjarn Gae has worked with fighters like Ramazan Ramazanov, Dzhabar Askerov, and Madsua Lamai Gym.

In a collaboration with KING PRO BOXING SUPEREXPORTSHOP decided to create a special collection of pads and belly pads exclusively for Trainer Gae.

KING PRO BOXING Muay Thai brand is famous for its 100% quality and its is made by best professionals.

In SUPERXPORTSHOP you can find

Trainer Gae Belly Pad 

Made out of high quality skintex and the highest-quality shock-absorbing materials, this belly protector can stand up to thousands of blows.

1,814.00 ฿

Trainer Gae Thai Pad Big

Made with strong premium leather and dense, multi-layer shock absorbing materials, these curved ‘KPB’ Thai Pads with Velcro is what you want to wear if you are training elite fighters. Being a good Thai pad holder is a skill in itself.

Come with 2 padded straps and forearm support for maximum comfort of trainer.

With these Thai pads, you will be ready to absorb the hardest kicks comfortably.

3,500.00 ฿

Trainer Gae Thai Pad Small

These Thai Pads with Velcro are smaller and more compact than the previous ones. Come with 2 padded straps and forearm support for maximum comfort of trainer.

3,200.00 ฿

Order now and receive it in 2-5 days. We ship worldwide

About Trainer Gae (Arjan Gae Sor KeawSuek)

Born in Nakhon Sawan, Gae had his first competitive fight at a local temple fair when he was just 8 years old. Although he lost that first fight on points due to having no training, he immediately fell in love with the sport. He fought in all the local temple fairs until he was spotted by a local trainer who enrolled him in a gym at the age of 9. Gae spent the next few years fighting on the Northern Thailand circuit before moving to Bangkok where he competed for 2 years until a bad injury ended his career.

Although Gae didn't originally plan to become a trainer, he soon found that he missed Muay Thai after his retirement. He first began training children and then worked in a gym training Thais in the local style for 5 years.

In 2011, Ajarn Gae joined Elite Fight Club and has remained as the head trainer for the last 6 years. These days, he is one of the most well-known and popular trainer in the Muay Thai circuit, especially among the international community.


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